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Senate appoints new president pro tempore

After Chris Randall’s resignation from Student Government (SG) on Sept. 16, the Senate filled the position during Tuesday’s meeting.

Khalid Hassouneh, who served as chairman for the Committee on Rules, was chosen as the new president pro tempore.

“There’s no other person I would rather have than Mr. Hassouneh work with me to help pick up the slack that’s been left now,” Senate President Jennifer Belmont said. “He’s already experienced. (Hassouneh) has done more than enough to be pro tempore. In fact, I think in the future he should be way higher than pro tempore.”

The pro tempore is responsible for overseeing all committees and placing different senators in those committees. He or she is also in charge of updating statutes, governing documents and the SG website, said Belmont, a senior majoring in political science.

“I am familiar with the different managerial styles,” said Hassouneh, a junior majoring in medical technology. “I’ve seen different types of pro tempores come into this position, so I know what works and what doesn’t.”

Before Hassouneh was elected into his new position, former Pro Tempore Randall, a senior majoring in political science, spoke before the Senate.

“I made a decision to step down, so I could move on,” he said. “I had an opportunity to get my diploma sooner, and I had to take it. If you don’t remember anything I’ve said, just remember these two things: One, always remember the people who elect you, and two, always remember there are people watching you, wanting you to go do something.”

Once the Senate chose Hassouneh as Randall’s replacement, they then selected Lara McDermott, a senior majoring in criminology, to fill the vacant position of chair for the Committee on Rules.

“I am very excited. This was the first committee I ever served on, and I fell in love with it,” McDermott said. “I will bring an open personality to the position, but I will crack the whip when I need to. I am firmly committed to developing student leaders regardless of the position I hold in Student Government.”

McDermott was the only candidate to oppose Hassouneh.

“Running against Khalid was intimidating and humbling,” she said. “He has the most experience.”