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OASIS to shut down during upgrade

The construction across campus has finally reached its way to the Internet as well.

Starting today at 5 p.m., the OASIS system will be shut down for upgrades. Students will be unable to access their accounts until Sunday at 5 p.m.

“It is a software version upgrade,” said Alison Robinson, director of Information Technology (IT). “There will be some new functionalities. We have things like the single sign-on. There will be some business enhancements, and you will notice a little difference.”

The single sign-on allows students to keep one username and password to sign into OASIS and Blackboard rather than having several for the different USF systems, she said.

Carline Louis-Jacques, a freshman majoring in pre-nursing, said the change will be “surprising.”

“My advisor tells me to constantly check OASIS, so I’m a little freaked out,” she said. “It will throw my routine off because I check it once a week. I constantly check it because you never know when you will get a hold on your account for something stupid.”

For the IT department, the upgrade is far from surprising. Planning for the upgrade began last year, and the only dilemma was deciding when to implement it.

“IT doesn’t actually pick the date,” Robinson said. “We get together with all the functional users (admissions, registrar’s office, and financial aid) and we sit down and go through the timelines. There are different dates throughout the year where it doesn’t interfere with the business timelines as bad as other dates would. We pick the best date to make sure that the business of USF can continue with as little interruption as possible.”

Robinson said the OASIS update will not affect Blackboard and that students curious about the construction process can read updates on a blog at