Student body Senatepresident pro tempore resigns from position

After serving a term of only four months in Student Government (SG), Senate President Pro Tempore Chris Randall resigned late Thursday evening.

Randall sent an e-mail to SG members stating his reasons for resignation, which centered on his graduating earlier

than expected.

“As a student, I need to focus more on graduation so I can get out and start being able to get a job and consider going to graduate school, but Student Government isn’t going to pay the bill after I graduate,” he said. “It’s best for me to move on and focus on my other challenges, such as getting my degree and looking into the future.”

After hearing about Randall’s decision, Senate President Jennifer Belmont said there “were some concerns about him not fulfilling all of his job duties, but he’s since worked on them.”

“His reasons for resigning were more personal and academic,” she said. “I believe his family has had a lot of influence in his decision.”

Randall said there “were some issues,” but they were “to the point where they could be brushed off.”

“If I made a mistake on something, I notified the right people,” he said. “This is a learning place. You’re supposed to make mistakes, and this is Student Government. You learn from your mistakes to make things better.”

According to SG statutes, the duties of president pro tempore are to aid the Senate president in his or her duties, represent the SG Senate before the Faculty Senate and update and publish the SG Constitution, statutes and rules of procedure each time there is a valid change made.

The president pro tempore must also maintain a record of all committee reports, the legislative area of the SG website and a list of all Senate members and their contact information.

Because of the sudden change, the Senate will hold an election for a new president pro tempore during its weekly meeting Tuesday night.

“We need someone who will be able to pick up on this job quickly,” Belmont said. “The fall semester is probably the worst semester as far as work goes – there’s a lot of it to be done, a lot of events on campus.”