Review: Gogol Bordellos Trans-Continental Hustle

Twelve years after its first performance, Gogol Bordello releases its fifth studio album “Transcontinental Hustle” on Tuesday.

The group first started playing with a sound that can’t be duplicated at parties in 1998 before signing a deal with Performance Art Space PIZDETZ.

Best known for their song, “Start Wearing Purple,” Gogol Bordello embarks on a new journey with this record, which takes their unconventional style to Brazil. Frontman Eugene Hutz, who also starred alongside Elijah Wood in the movie “Everything is Illuminated,” finds new sounds to add to the group’s regime and new members to enhance the band’s eccentric flavor.

Their “Gypsy Punk” style – a genre first coined by Hutz – blends ska, punk and folk rhythms – all with a touch of gypsy music. This creates a truly inventive sound that’s all original. After listening to the very start of the new album, that undeniable originality can’t go unnoticed.

While Gogol Bordello is known for playing festivals and even taking part in the Warped Tour, they will resort to more mainstream performances, appearing on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” tonight to promote the album and its upcoming world tour.

For more information about the band and where to download its music, check out its website