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Impeachment committee formed, then disbanded

Student Government (SG) senators sided with Senator Christopher Bonk on Tuesday night and moved for the immediate dispersal of a new impeachment committee that was going to investigate charges brought against Senate President Pro Tempore Matthew Diaz.

The decision, which goes against SG Supreme Court’s ruling last week, was to avoid another appeal in the process by the party, Bonk said. This comes after the Senate passed new legislation last week making it harder for students to bring forth impeachment charges.

In Tuesday night’s senate meeting, College of Business Senator Daniel McInerney, College of Education Senator Rachel Brown and College of Arts and Sciences Senator Daniel Crongeyer were elected to the committee after the SG Supreme Court overruled the Senate’s original committee, which threw out the charges.

Brian Goff, a freshman majoring in biomedical sciences who brought charges of nonfeasance against Diaz, then appealed to the Supreme Court. The Court mandated that the Senate create a new impeachment committee.

Goff brought the charges after Diaz neglected to update Senate minutes for five months on the SG Web site – a job requirement.

SG Adviser Gary Manka said if a decision cannot be reached in the Senate, the case could go back to the Supreme Court or be appealed to Kevin Banks, dean of students.

SG Attorney General Cordell Chavis, who represented the committee during the appeal hearing, said he would not work on the case if Goff appeals the Senate decision.

“I feel that the Senate has made a mistake. They should have gone with the process,” he said. “I feel that it is not their say to continue this power play. I think someone in this chamber needs to grow up and put an end to it. “