“Down The Way” with Angus and Julia Stone

With impossibly comforting lyrics and soulful melodies, Angus and Julia Stone create something that resonates deeper than the beats of their music.

This sibling duo from Australia released another fantastic record Tuesday, entitled “Down The Way,” showcasing their musical talents and their work as producers for the indie label Nettwerk Music Group.

Although Angus and Julia Stone have produced several EPs, this is only their second official studio album since 2006. The band released its freshman album, “A Book Like This,” in 2007, which includes hits like “Mango Tree” and “Just A Boy.”

Both artists contribute lead vocals and musical accompaniment to each track, allowing their unrefined and humble tone to engage you through the speakers. Along with the organic sounds of harp and acoustic guitar, the elements provide the perfect soundtrack to a breezy day in the sun.

The music video for the album’s lead track, “And the Boys,” plays up a simplistic attitude with a bohemian twist – particularly evident by a troop of dancing children in tie-dyed frocks.

According to iTunes, the most popular songs from “Down The Way” – “Hold On” and “Draw Your Swords” – appeared on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursday night, and the show “Private Practice” featured the song “Santa Monica Dream” the same night.

Either the group has good agents or it definitely has a promising future in the business. For information about the group and where to download its music, visit angusandjuliastone.com.