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Five things every guy needs for summer

With spring break gone and rainy days ahead, it means summer is almost here. Since it’s probably too late to return your Ed Hardy gear and fulfill dreams of being an extra on “Jersey Shore,” there is still time to go shopping for all your warm weather needs.

Here are five tips that are sure to keep your fashion safe:

The non-blue jean – if you wear them, wear them light

The jean is a staple in any American’s wardrobe so it makes no fashionable sense to wear the same royal blue pair. This summer, ditch the blue completely.

Whether it’s gray, khaki or tan, there are several options to choose from, and a variety of brands like Levi’s, American Eagle and 7 for all Mankind offer them. If you’re really feeling daring, opt for a white jean – like Zara’s low waist slim fit.

Here are some tips to selecting the perfect jean:

Keep your shorts the right length – longer is not better

If your shorts hang four inches above your shoe, they’re not shorts. This summer, avoid looking like a Capri-wearing tourist and buy shorts that are the right size.

Look for flat fronts, which don’t have cargo pockets, plaids or pleats. Above all else, pick a pair with an inseam that hits at or above the knee, typically about 7 inches. Try J. Crew’s Sun-faded Stanton Short in a variety of colors. This fit is cut well around the leg and can even make you look taller.

The denim shirt – the contemporary cowboy

This must-have item of 2010 can pretty much go with anything – a pair of slacks for an evening out, a striped tie for the office or sandals for a day at the beach. While it may seem like no one living beyond the 70’s would ever wear a denim shirt, celebrities like David Beckham and Bradley Cooper are sporting them.

According to Glenn O’Brien of GQ Magazine, wearing too much denim can easily turn fashion into a costume. However, he suggests that when pairing the shirt with a pair of jeans, match the two based on their color and wash to help unify the outfit.

The cotton blazer – the upgraded hoodie

If you want your parents or girlfriend to treat you like a man, ditch the comfy college look for a more mature form.

Hoodies are fun to wear around a campfire or to recreate moments from Rocky, but they should never be worn on date night. Instead, find a cotton blazer or sport coat in a neutral color, like tan or navy blue. The Gap and Banana Republic offer several options in these colors, starting at about $60, which is a bargain compared to what your dad wears to work.

The colored boat shoe – a party for your feet

Your yellow Nike Shox and blue Air Jordan’s are great for working out or running, but they’re not always impressive.

In need of adult footwear? Go with a classic boat shoe in your favorite color. These days, everyone from Vans to Tommy Bahama sells a pair in a variety of rubber and leather combinations, so they should be easy to find in any price range.

For more information about where to find any of these items or tips on how to wear them, check out the companies’ Web sites or e-mail