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Review “Hot Tub Time Machine”

While some moviegoers may only want to wet their feet with entertainment, I was ready to jump right in.

In an adventure reminiscent of 2009’s “The Hangover,” “Hot Tub Time Machine” follows a group of lifelong friends as they time travel back to the ‘80s in a ski-lodge Jacuzzi.

Unlike some films that show all the funny parts in the movie trailer, this flick defeated that stigma from the get-go. The majority of punch lines in this cleverly disgusting comedy are not fit for the general audience – the reason for its “R” rating.

Yes, the plot may be riddled with self-aware clichs and ‘I totally saw that coming’ moments, but the comedic lineup of John Cusack, Craig Robinson and Chevy Chase makes this a must-see film.

Each of the actors fit their roles perfectly. “The Daily Show’s” Rob Corddry delivers one of his most outspoken performances to date, while Robinson delivers some wickedly funny and off-the-wall humor.

Although Cusack doesn’t offer much in the way of personality, his memorable lines and good timing make his character slightly believable.

Corny moments flood the film, quickly interrupting scenes with fun, absurd and the downright nasty comedy – including a squirrel getting hit with projectile vomit.

It’s hard to tell if this is an instant comedy classic or maybe just the latest crude and rude movie. While the film may not be suitable for date night, it is certainly fitting for a night out with friends.