Students will see higher housing rates next fall

USF Dean of Housing and Residential Education Ana Hernandez said Thursday she was pleased to receive support from the USF Board of Trustees (BOT).

That support came for the 2010-11 Housing Proposal, which was approved at the BOT’s meeting Thursday and includes an average 6 percent increase in housing costs for university students.

In fall 2010, students living in the Andros residence hall, which currently cost $4,048 per year, will receive the smallest percentage increase – 5.53 percent ($4,272 per year). The biggest increase – a 6.93 hike ($4,688 per year) – will be implemented in the Maple Suites, which currently cost $4,384 per year.

The Juniper Popular Residence Hall will see an increase of 6.13 percent increase.The housing increase is due in part to debt accrued from construction of the $65 million hall, Hernandez said

The increase will also fund renovations in the Andros area and create reserve funds to alleviate unforeseen problems.

Kristen Khonsary, a sophomore majoring in criminology, lives in the Holly apartments, which will see a 6.52 percent hike, and is not in favor of the increase.

“Living on campus is what brings kids together, bonds are created and friendships formed,” she said. “However, due to the ridiculous price increases, it is becoming more and more difficult for students to afford to live in a dorm.”

However, Hernandez said the experience of living on campus is worth the additional cost.

“It is true that when you go dollar to dollar to off campus apartments, our rent would be higher, but we believe that it is a completely different experience,” Hernandez said.