Review: Our Family Wedding

Director Rick Famuyiwa sheds new light on family differences and wedding planning in his newest film, “Our Family Wedding.”

The film, released March 12, takes a close look at what happens when neither side is willing to negotiate when planning a wedding.

It begins with Lucia (America Ferrera), a law school dropout, and her fianc, Marcus, (Lance Gross) – a couple who think they’re on their way to wedded bliss.

But tempers flare when the couple shares their news, especially after Lucia’s father Miguel (Carlos Mencia) towed fianc father Brad’s (Forest Whitaker) car earlier that day.

Despite light comedic scenes, the movie carefully exploits how each character defines love despite arguments and stress that come with wedding planning.

The movie also tackles the difficulties of making relationships work between families of different races, an angle unlike Famuyiwa’s other relational-themed movies “The Wood” and “Brown Sugar.”

Initially, the film might play out like a traditional wedding movie – chaotic, stressful and over-the-top – however, this movie provides an ending that’s both refreshing and well deserved.

“Our Family Wedding” is now in theaters.