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Murder done Gaga style

Not since Thelma and Louise have two women made murder look so good.

On March 11, Lady Gaga’s racy new music video featuring Beyonc , “Telephone,” premiered during the nightly broadcast of E! News Now.

The film begins with Gaga in jail serving a sentence for killing her boyfriend in a previous video, “Paparazzi.” Directed by Jonas Akerlund, who also directed “Paparazzi,” the mini-movie’s dark themes of murder and deception seem light and even innocent – especially coupled with such over the top but glamorous fashions.

Two female prison guards wear less than traditional uniforms revealing their bras and strip the new inmate of her custom black and white striped dress and sunglasses, leaving her exposed in nothing but fishnet stockings.

Never to be upstaged, Gaga finds a new outfit – a black custom made chain jumpsuit and burning cigarette sunglasses by Haus of Gaga, the singer’s group of friends turned design team.

When the music begins, the singer, rocking a spiked leather jacket with Diet Coke rollers in her hair and vintage Chanel shades, answers a call from partner in crime Honey B (Beyonc), who comes to bail her out.

Before she leaves, dancing ensues. In studded lingerie by Haus of Gaga and a crime scene tape outfit, Gaga leads a troop of four inmates in a choreographed number by Laurieann Gibson.

With her bright yellow hair and Minnie Mouse-like glasses, previously seen in her “Paparazzi” video, the jailbird leaves the prison in a floppy vintage hat and conservative outfit.

The divas drive off into a sandy desert in the infamous yellow and pink “Pussy Wagon,” well from Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill,” to a diner where they meet Beyonc’s boyfriend, played by Tyrese Gibson.

After some creative sandwich making involving anthrax and a toxic blue liquid, Gaga, in a nude-toned dress and telephone hat, accidentally poisons all the restaurant patrons instead of just Honey B’s boyfriend. She then escapes after performing a carefully choreographed dance number that steals the show in similar patriotic outfits and Christian Louboutin boots.

Aside from the blatant product placements, such as the pop culture fashion and the disconnection between the video’s plot and lyrics, the film was highly entertaining. Gaga’s unpredictable persona and Beyonce’s glamour brings killing with a whole new look.