Student NITE walk hopes for safer campus

Around 50 students, faculty and staff members came together Tuesday to ensure students will be safe from things that go bump in the night.

Necessary Improvements to Transform our Environment (NITE) held it’s biannual NITE Walk – an effort to pinpoint areas on campus that could be safer for students traversing the campus at night – said Vice President of NITE Travis Kulczynski, a senior majoring in communications.

The campus is divided up into nine different sections for students to monitor, with three covered by students on golf carts to keep them from walking far at night. Those participating in the walk look for areas that can be easily repaired by the USF Physical Plant.

“The campus is so spread out that the Physical Plant cannot keep up with every light bulb that is out,” said Eileen Dabrowski, a senior majoring in biomedical science and chemistry and president of NITE. “By doing these walks twice a year, we can keep track of light bulbs that are out, cracks in the sidewalk, even things like bushes that are too high and block students view as they leave the parking garage.”

It was her involvement in the USF Advocacy program that prompted Nicole Sayago, a senior majoring in women’s studies and sociology, to participate in the walk. Sayago said she felt a lot was accomplished.

“There are definitely some things that need improving on campus,” she said. “We need more blue (emergency) lights in areas. They’re really spread out and far apart from one another.”

After a list of potential improvements is given to Physical Plant, NITE members check if they’ll be enforced by the University.

“This semester, I tried to send a lot of people who had previously done the same sections of campus last semester,” Dabrowski said. “They said things like, ‘I was very pleased. There were only one or two things that weren’t changed.’ At least the things that were repaired were things that we should be on top of.”