A different kind of sorority

They have piercings and tattoos and they dress in worn jeans and colorful sweatshirts. The women of Theta Nu Pi (TNPi) say they do not fit the typical “sorority girl” image, and they couldn’t be happier.

“We’re not those clich sorority girls,” said Ashley Davidson, a junior majoring in anthropology and secretary of the organization, proudly displaying her arm-length tattoo and facial piercings. “They look at me, and they’re like, ‘What? How is that possible?'”

TNPi members say they’re trying to be different than the Greek world. The sorority, founded at USF in 2008, is also unique in that it doesn’t require members to pay dues.

“Right now, we only have about 14 active members, so we’re pretty small,” said TNPi public relations chair and treasurer Amanda Haun, a sophomore majoring in psychology. “However, since we have a smaller organization, it enables us to really get to know all of the sisters.”

The organization is funded by student-paid Activity and Service Fees (A&S), Davidson said. Like every other student organization on campus, they request a portion of the fees from Student Government yearly for their budget.

This provides students, who would otherwise be limited by finances, to join Greek life and pay fees. For this reason, TNPi has made it a goal to never charge dues, Davidson said.

“I wasn’t able to be part of an organization because I make minimum wage and can only work 20 hours a week. There’s no possible way I would have been able to afford that type of camaraderie,” she said. “TNPi doesn’t restrict people like that.”

One of the main cornerstones of the organization is philanthropic work. Chapter president Kelly Campana, a senior majoring in humanities, said it’s important to work in partnership with other organizations that serve the campus and community to raise awareness of equality issues.

“Our mission statement is, ‘We are the change we wish to see in the world: creative individuals working collectively for all,'” Campana said. “Our members come from a variety of different walks of life, and we use our differences to promote equality for all no matter their age, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, spiritual tradition, expression of individuality, sexuality, ability and gender.”

TNPi has participated in a number of events, including Chi Omega’s Chili Cook-Off, Kappa Delta Kelly Erin Reen Memorial Bowling Tournament and FSA Rock for Choice & Day of Silence.

“In 10 years, I hope that TNPi has continued to grow here at USF as well as at other universities,” Campana said.

Membership to TNPi is open during the fall and spring recruitment periods for USF students. For more information, send e-mails to ThetaNuPi@gmail.com.