Sublime: Will there be a reunion?

After surprising a crowd at The Cantina in Reno, Nev. and playing a set at Cypress Hill’s Smokeout Fest in San Bernardino, Calif., Sublime is back and sporting new singer Rome Ramirez.’

But touring under the Sublime name may not easy. The estate of Bradley Nowell, the original singer of the band who died, is fighting to stop the modified group from touring under the moniker Sublime.

Nowell’s family applied pressure, and a preliminary injunction passed by a U.S. District Court in California stopped the band from performing under the name Sublime until the situation is resolved.

Through his attorney, Jeremiah Reynolds, Nowell said the idea of former group members reuniting is great, but it’s inappropriate to call the band Sublime without Nowell as the lead singer, according to the L.A. Times.

Surviving members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson released this statement concerning the future of Sublime:

‘Our goal continues to be sharing the music and message of Sublime with all of our fans around the world. We intend to take the court’s advice and work on a business solution to this issue. We hope the estate follows suit so the music of Sublime can live on and be accessible to everyone.’