Letters to the Editor

This is a response to the column “Animal rights activists are going too far” in the Oracle on Nov. 10.

It was disappointing to read as Justin Rivera distorted the goal of animal rights groups: eliminating the unnecessary cruelty that animals face in today’s society.

With more people becoming educated about the way animals suffer when raised and killed for food, there is an increasing demand for delicious and cruelty-free meals.

In fact, a recent study by Aramark, a leading food-service provider, concluded that nearly a quarter of college students are actively seeking vegan options when they sit down to eat. Reasons for this change range from concerns for their own health to environmental concerns and because of cruelty to animals.

Students are understandably horrified when they discover that chickens on factory farms often have their beaks cut off with blades or that many cows and pigs are mistreated while they’re still conscious. If these abuses were inflicted upon cats or dogs, it could result in felony cruelty to animal charges.

With grocery stores carrying a variety of meat-free products, including veggie barbecue ribs and vegan pizza, it’s never been easier to cut cruelty out of your diet for good.

Ryan Huling, college campaign coordinator, peta2.com