The Runway Rundown: A new, young designer enters the hip-hop scene

Driven to expand people’s views about the fashion industry, designers may feel inspired to take their ideas to new levels, as upcoming artists splash a mixture of music and style everywhere.

Lawrence Nurse, a designer out of New York, is an example, as he founded the Triple L Society, an urban brand with a tailored twist of rock ‘n’ roll, in 2007.

“The three L’s stand for live, life, lavish. It means to live out your dreams, and that life should be lived lavishly,” Nurse said. He describes the actual style as “high-end urban wear.”

Nurse operates mostly online and has been featured in runway shows, fashion blogs and different media productions. This year, he’s linking the company with his charity, L.I.V.E. (Live Internal Vital Eternity), to give back to the world that’s inspired him.

Nurse said different people influenced him and pushed him to create his design company.

“What really inspired me was when I was in Soho, N.Y. and I met a lady who said my work reminded her of a designer she knew,” he said. “From then on, my passion for designing was something I decided to pursue.”

Soho is known as one of the world’s best shopping districts. It is no surprise people would find their calling among its eclectic art stands and elaborate monuments. Nurse’s designs are only for men and range from black and white to bright colors.

With today’s fashion world constantly transforming, following the high expectations set on the runway by major designers – like Givenchy and Pucci – can be hard for college students.

However, Nurse said young people trying to rise in the world of fashion shouldn’t give up on their dreams, and he encouraged them to stay true to their values.

“If you have any ideas, don’t let anyone try to change them,” Nurse said. “Networking is also key in this industry.”

Young musical artists out of New York are rocking the Triple L Society brand on the streets and in the studio.

Justin Leakey, better known as “Leaks”, a hip-hop artist from the group “Lost in Eternity,” has a personal style that includes items from the Triple L Society brand. He said having a distinguished style is important to establish oneself in the industry.

“Hip-hop music is so saturated, having your own style is necessary or else you get lost in what everyone else is doing,” Leaky said.

This doesn’t mean the group is hoping to be noticed only by their fashion. They’re hoping their music will also introduce “a new way of doing real music.”

“We possess vocals and lyrics that are real,” Leakey said.

Triple L Society is sweeping the hip-hop scene with its designs, music and the motto, “living life lavishly.” More information on the group can be found at