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Flu vaccines yet to arrive

Student Health Services (SHS) canceled the planned free flu shot clinic because of vaccine shortages, said Egilda Terenzi, medical director of SHS.

SHS had scheduled the clinic, where students would be able to receive free shots for the seasonal flu, for Friday in the Marshall Student Center.

SHS requested 500 doses of the seasonal flu vaccine, said Diane Zanto, senior director of SHS.

Vaccine delays are because of the limited manpower in medical labs, Terenzi said.

She said labs responsible for manufacturing the seasonal flu vaccine are also responsible for administering the vaccine for the H1N1 influenza, commonly known as swine flu.

“They can only do so much,” she said. “But it will be done, it will be produced.”

SHS is also waiting to receive the swine flu vaccine. The clinic expected to receive a requested 2,500 doses this month from the Florida Department of Health (FDH), Zanto said.

The FDH received a lower number of swine flu vaccines than expected, she said, causing a delay in USF’s shipment.

Zanto said SHS will notify the campus community when vaccines arrive.

– Kelli Polson