SG committee discontinues impeachment investigation

Reasons for halting an impeachment investigation of Student Government (SG) Attorney General Cordell Chavis will be released in an official memo at the senate meeting tonight, said senate President Jennifer Belmont.

A SG committee voted against moving forward with impeachment charges against Chavis on Monday.

The committee’s memo will determine whether former student body presidential candidate Christopher Leddy will be allowed to bring forth another memo of impeachment against Chavis, Belmont said.

“If (the committee) writes the memo saying that (the memo of impeachment) was unclear, he can rewrite it,” she said. “If they write that they do not agree with the actual memo, he cannot (rewrite it) because it’ll be double jeopardy and it’s writing the same case.”

At its first meeting Oct. 12, the committee postponed making any decisions until it could meet with Leddy and former senator Richard Shockley, who both brought forth the impeachment charges, for clarification purposes.

Leddy said he received an e-mail from committee chair Alicia Stott saying the committee needed to meet with him to clarify the charges against Chavis.

However, Leddy said Stott told him in an Oct.16 e-mail that the meeting had to be canceled as it would have violated SG statutes.

“Honestly, I would have been okay with meeting with them to clarify,” Leddy said. “I honestly don’t understand why they needed to meet with me because I was pretty explicit in the memo.”

Committee members said they needed more evidence to decide what portion of the memo of impeachment was opinion and what was fact.

The committee also wanted to ask Leddy for specifics in regards to his reference to SG statutes in the memo.

In their memo of impeachment, Leddy and Shockley stated that Chavis should be impeached on charges of “incompetence” and “malfeasance.”

SG statutes define malfeasance as the “commission of a wrongful or unlawful act involving or affecting the performance of one’s duties.”

At a Sept. 22 senate meeting, Leddy called for the impeachment of Chavis after he approved an “illegal election” to fill 25 vacant senate seats, Leddy said.

At the time, Belmont was overseeing the election, instead of the Election Rules Commission (ERC).

An SG statute says the ERC is an official entity created to “oversee the execution and logistics of all SG elections.”

Chavis approved of the election in the form of a legal opinion.

At a Sept. 29 meeting, the senate voted to amend SG statutes and remove Belmont from overseeing the Oct. 13 senate election.