Senate runoff election no longer needed

Campaign violations removed the need for a runoff election for two Student Government senate-elects.

An election was to be held this week to determine whether USF students Curtis Neumann or Varun Vasudeo, who tied with 72 votes in a senate election last week, would fulfill one of three seats in the College of Engineering.

But one of them failed to turn in receipts detailing campaign expenses. Candidates had until Friday at 4 p.m. to submit their paperwork.

Senate President Jennifer Belmont said the disqualified candidate’s name has not been released.

Vasudeo said he received an e-mail on Friday stating there would be a runoff election some time in the next two weeks.

Vasudeo said he was unaware that one of the tying candidates in the College of Engineering was disqualified.

Neumann was unavailable for comment.

Candidates were asked to turn in their receipts after complaints that students went over the $100 campaign budget allotted to them by SG statutes, SG adviser Gary Manka said Wednesday.

Elected students in other colleges missed the deadline to turn in their budget receipts and will also be disqualified, Belmont said. The number of those students has not been released.

In colleges where candidates are disqualified, the senatorial candidate with the next highest votes will be seated instead, Belmont said.

“If there are no candidates left to be seated, the seat(s) will remain open,” she said.

Sixty-two candidates ran in the senate election Tuesday and Wednesday to fill 25 vacant seats. Only 22 candidates were elected to senate seats.

Two vacancies remain in the College of Nursing because of fewer students showing interest in running than in the other colleges, Belmont said.

Only one student ran for a senate seat in the College of Nursing, according to unofficial election results.

The college’s remaining seats will be filled in the next general election in the spring semester or in an election called by the Election Rules Commission, Belmont said.

Official results of the senate election, including candidates who will remain in their elected seats and any vacancies, will be determined today, she said.