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Student zombies collect donations

Students with decaying skin and tattered clothes crept across campus Wednesday as they grunted, asking for canned goods.

Dressed as zombies, students from USF adjunct professor Stanley Deon Blackwell’s Concepts and Practices class collected approximately 50 cans, as well as cash and clothing donations in a “Dead for the Living” event.

At the end of the week, Blackwell said the class will give the donations to Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa, which provides assistance to homeless families.

“Overall, the event went well,” he said. “We got a great reaction from all of the students.”

Students met at the Fine Arts Building at 9 a.m. and walked around campus, stopping by the Marshall Student Center, Cooper Hall and the Library, among other places.

USF student Bonnie Bennett was among those who dressed up as zombies.

“We collected a lot of canned food and psyched a lot of people out,” Bennett said. “The most important thing was that we did the food drive for Metropolitan Ministries.”

Renee Turnbull, another student participant, said most people who saw the zombies laughed.

“(We) pointed and grunted at people,” Turnbull said. “Some of (us) chased after cars.”

Haley Burmeister, a student bystander, said she spotted the group of zombies by the Student Services building.

“They were moving their arms around and making weird noises,” she said. “Some had their faces painted … I figured there’s a lot of diversity here,” Burmeister said. “Different people do different things here all the time.”

The School of Art & Art History (SAAH) students will continue to collect donations throughout the week at the SAAH main office, FAH 229, Blackwell said.