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Linebacker talks Cincinnati and pre-game rituals

Junior linebacker Sabbath Joseph is one of USF’s starting outside linebackers. After redshirting his freshman year, Joseph has played in 24 games the last two seasons behind a talented group of starters.

Joseph accumulated 11 sacks in 68 tackles en route to a Class 6A Dade County all-first team selection.

Last season’s game against Cincinnati was big for Joseph, who recorded four tackles in a 24-10 loss. Joseph also had his first career interception and returned it for 33 yards.

The Oracle talked to Joseph about this season at Monday’s press luncheon in preparation for the Cincinnati game.

Oracle: What is your favorite movie of all time?
Sabbath Joseph: I’d have to say “Boyz n the Hood.”

O: What is the best pre-game song to listen to?
SJ: I would have to say the best song to listen to before a game is “We Ready” by Archie (Eversole).

O: What is it about Cincinnati quarterback Tony Pike that makes him so hard to stop?
SJ: Man, he’s a very good quarterback. He’s very accurate. He makes all the hard throws that other quarterbacks can’t make.

O: What is the biggest hit you’ve ever made?
SJ: I would probably have to say in high school, when I was running down on kickoff coverage and knocked a guy’s helmet off and separated his shoulder at the same time.

O: If you didn’t play football, what sport would you play?
SJ: If I didn’t play football, I would probably play basketball. I used to play a lot of basketball.

O: Can you beat (quarterback and USF basketball player) B.J. Daniels one-on-one?
SJ: I would take him into the post all day. He can’t stop me.

O: What’s the best stadium atmosphere you’ve ever played in?
SJ: I would have to say the best stadium atmosphere was at Auburn (in 2007).

O: Gold helmets or white?
SJ: White helmets.

O: How important would a Big East title be to you?
SJ: Oh, it would be very important because this is how you make history. South Florida hasn’t won a Big East title yet, so it would be wonderful to win our first one this year.