Investigation continues, two remain in jail

University Police (UP) detectives are reviewing confiscated evidence from the arrested 911 caller’s home in the investigation of the gun and bomb scare on campus last week.

UP has turned the case over to the state attorney’s office to determine whether the state will file charges against former USF student Markenson Innocent, who was arrested Wednesday morning for making a false 911 call that prompted the near four-hour scare at USF on Oct. 5.

UP determined the case “clear” with Innocent’s arrest but not fully complete because police could still add evidence, said UP spokeswoman Lt. Meg Ross.

Ross did say, however, that UP investigators confiscated computers from Innocent’s home during a search Wednesday evening because of the evidence linked to his use of Facebook before, during and after Monday’s scare. Other details about the evidence, including whether weapons were found, have not been released.

Nearly an hour before he made the 911 call, Innocent posted on his Facebook: “… about to (be) at the USF Library at 1:00 and at the Subway to have lunch with my girlfriend at 1:45 p.m. Man I hope they don’t pull one of those black man with gun or suicide bomber threats again.”

“There was a lot of evidence on his Facebook that they’re still looking into,” Ross said.

Police will keep evidence until the case is over, Ross said. Innocent will then get back his belongings unless it’s illegal material.

“If it’s contraband, he would never get it back,” she said.

Investigators are looking into Innocent’s associations and criminal history as well, Ross said.

Innocent’s previous charges include: disorderly conduct, criminal mischief of $1,000 or more and driving with a license canceled, suspended or revoked in February 2007, and possession of marijuana less than 20 grams and an open container in December 2008.

Innocent remains in Orient Road Jail with a $9,750 bond.

At his first appearance hearing, which usually happens in the first 24 to 48 hours of custody, Innocent had his charges and rights read to him, but the judge did not make a decision on his bond or charges, said a sergeant at Orient Road Jail.

Sometimes the judge waits for a decision from the state attorney’s office, the sergeant said. The state attorney’s office did not return phone calls.

If it was a simple misdemeanor, the judge could make a ruling.

At the time of his initial arrest Wednesday, Innocent was charged with false report of a bomb on state property, a felony.

On Thursday, police added two charges: unlawful use of a two-way communication device, a felony, and disrupting a school campus or function, a misdemeanor. His bond was increased from $7,500 to $9,750.

According to a police report, Innocent called 911 on Oct. 5 from a University Mall pay phone, identified himself to the dispatcher as “Isaiah Daniels” and said “Markenson Innocent” was on campus with a gun and a bomb.

MoBull text message alerts and the emergency notification system were used to inform students of the emergency on campus.

USF student Vincent Thomas-Perry McCoy is also in custody because he claimed he had a bomb on a Bull Runner bus while police were looking for suspects related to the 911 call.

Authorities determined McCoy did not have a weapon or bomb but arrested and charged him with false report of a bomb against state-owned property, a felony.

McCoy also received a court-ordered felony charge of theft from persons 65 years of age or older, and his bond of $7,500 was revoked.

“Right now, he can’t go anywhere,” the sergeant said.

McCoy’s previous charges include possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and theft from persons 65 years of age or older in July.

McCoy and Innocent are waiting on court dates, and scheduling will take place once there is room on the docket, the sergeant said.

“It could be three weeks or three months,” the sergeant said.