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USF trendy tweets

With chaos on campus revolving around several incidents, “USF gunman” managed to become No. 2 on Google’s “Hot Trends” – where Google tracks top searches for the day – as of 6 p.m. Monday. The keywords also became a trend on the popular social networking site Twitter, where students, alumni, news sources and onlookers broadcasted their thoughts on the occurrences.

Many posters on Twitter seemed confused about the situation. Some, who apparently were not on campus for the day, asked what was happening. Others, while on campus, still felt like they were out of the loop.

captquestion: Is the USF gunman a hoax?

Sebatinsky: Everybody – crisis at USF appears over – we still don’t really know what was going on.

Some were more suspicious. Tweeters began formulating their own theories and drawing their own connections.

HaileyMo: Wasn’t there another gunman ordeal at USF a few months back? Pattern much?

R2Shelby2: First USF’s network shuts down and we have to go on the disaster system, then we get a bunch of reports of armed intruders. Connected?

Some theories were more humorous than others.

R2Shelby2: My theory is that we’re getting hacked by a secret organization bent on turning all USF students into zombie slaves.

The MoBull text messages started around 2 p.m., warning students to remain inside and trapping some students in buildings and classes during the lockdown. For students on their way to classes or waiting for class to start, the lockdown was an appreciated excuse to go home early.

ciaranicolesays: No piano today, some n00bette with a robot bomb-in-a-backpack decided to take a trip to USF. Lovely.

awesomeisalexp: Finally home from being at USF on lockdown for 3hrs!! On a positive note I didn’t have to go to calculus.

Getting to skip class wasn’t enough of a bright side to stop some students from venting their frustrations, though.

sarahdippity89: What a day. Why do all the crazies come to USF?

karimbelle: Long day! Thank God it’s almost over. Pray for the foolishness in this world. USF … Suspect … Hunting knife … Puppy? When will it end?!

But most students were relieved that no one was hurt, and they found humor in the situation.

bnightedscholar: Police: White male subject seen in Cooper Hall area in black tank top, cowboy hat, carrying black puppy and large hunting knife. USF=awesome.

Hungary_Vampire: For those of you who don’t know, there was a zombie attack at USF. Good news: I lived.

caiti_zingg: Guns, knives, bombs and puppies. Just your average day at USF. lol what’s next? LIGHT SABERS!

At the end of the day, many Twitter users were concerned about their friends and family who were stuck on campus, but even more people were concerned about the fate of the “black puppy” that the man walking around Cooper Hall with a hunting knife was reportedly carrying.

klbrennan: Hopes the cowboy tank top man’s puppy is all right.

Ultimately, whether students and watchers found the situation humorous, annoying or frightening,
Twitter users were united in their relief that the ordeal was over and everyone was safe, regarding the day as one of the more crazy times in USF history.

adriaa19: Crazy stuff at USF today… just glad everyone is safe!

HelloKea: God is so merciful and gracious. I’m grateful for making it off USF campus safely and that everyone is okay!!!!! :)))

costena320: USF is a trending topic on twitter!?!?! What a crazy day!!

– Emily Handy