Daniels sees the best of both worlds

B.J. Daniels came to USF as one of the top quarterback recruits in the country in 2008. He set school records with 2,500 yards passing, 972 yards rushing and 34 passing touchdowns at Lincoln High School in Tallahassee. His hype eventually translated to the field. He’s already accounted for two touchdowns in limited time – a 7-yard run against Western Kentucky and a 22-yard pass against Wofford.

Not only does he excel on the gridiron, but on the hardwood, too. He averaged a school record 27 points per game as a senior in high school to break Lincoln’s single season record for scoring average. After redshirting last year in football, Daniels joined the basketball team as a walk-on guard. The Oracle recently got a chance to catch up with the two-sport athlete as he talked about his experiences in each sport.

The Oracle: If you had to choose between football and basketball to play for the rest of your college career, what would you choose?
Daniels: I don’t know. That’s a decision I couldn’t even make in high school. That’s why I’m still playing two sports. I don’t know if I would be able to decide on that.

Ever think about trying out for the baseball team?
BD: No. I stopped playing in 10th grade.

Besides you, what football player is the most talented on the basketball court?
BD: Probably (sophomore wide receiver) Pat Richardson. He set a couple records in high school.

O: What basketball player would have success on the football field?
BD: (Senior guard) Mike Mercer. He’s very athletic. He can jump, so he’d be real good at receiver.

O: How can you compare or differentiate the personalities of your two head coaches, Jim Leavitt and Stan Heath?
BD: I know both are passionate about their profession and what they do. They show it in different ways. I guess they’re about the same, just one shows it a little more.

O: What sport gets you winded the most?
BD: Probably basketball. In football, you have those 30-second breaks in between. Basketball is constantly up and down.

Ever dunk on the goal post?
BD: Yeah, I can do that. I do it sometimes during (football) practice.

O: Is there anything you do on the football field or basketball court that helps you with the other sport?
BD: I would say the preparation for games in each sport. Preparation starts the week before, so if you got a game Saturday, you have to start getting ready for the game Monday. You can’t wait until game time. It helps with the mental aspect.

O: What would mean more to you, a Big East championship in football or a Big East championship in basketball?
BD: Both. I know I want to at least get one before I leave. I don’t think we’ve done that in either sport yet. It would mean a lot either way.