The significance of 09/09/09

Today’s date is not just one that looks good on paper. The number nine is one that numerologists believe has special significance.

The next time single digit numbers will repeat is almost a century away: Jan. 1, 2101. Some cultures view the number nine as lucky, while others feel the complete opposite.

Brides and grooms seem to feel the day will bring them luck, like the 99 couples getting married today at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. Other wedding chapels in Las Vegas are running specials. The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has special packages for the day from $199.09 to $999.09, according to

In the traditional Gregorian calendar, 09/09/09 merely signifies the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth year since the year 2000, but many groups and cultures view it to be more important.

Numerologists see nine as a number of completion and rebirth, since it ends the cycle one through nine and in numerology nine is generally positive, according to

The life path of nine is described as harmonious and broad, according to

Some cultures view the number in a negative light, however. The Japanese feel the number is unlucky, because its name – “ku” – has the same pronunciation as “agony.” Much like American hotels with the 13th floor, Japanese hotels leave nine off of their floor and room numbers. There are no seats labeled nine on any All Nippon Airways passenger planes, according to

Even some paranoid theorists see today as a reference to Satan, since 09/09/09 could be translated as 06/06/06 upside down.

Despite some of the negative reputation, companies are seeing today as free promotion. The new, dark animated film 9 is being released at a special 9:09:09 screening time at some theaters.

One of the most anticipated games of the year, “The Beatles: Rock Band,” is also being released today in tribute to the band’s song “Revolution 9,” with lyrics ending in the words “number nine, number nine, number nine.”

Depending on the culture – or how much money a company anticipates earning – 09/09/09 could bring luck or take it away, but for most people, it will probably pass like any other day.