Student databases shift toward efficiency

Students may have received an alert in the past few weeks to change their password when signing onto Blackboard. That’s because the University is making changes to student Web sites.

Alex Campoe, associate director of Information Technology (IT), said the IT staff is working on a program called Identity and Access Management to make Web sites like Blackboard and Online Access Student Information System (OASIS) more secure.

The Blackboard alert tells students that their password will expire every 180 days.

If students have not changed their password by the spring semester, they will not have access to student databases like OASIS and Blackboard, Campoe said.

When students signed in to Blackboard on Aug. 12 and 13, the alert prompted them immediately. Now the notification is located on the Blackboard login page.

Students use their University identification number, located on their student ID card, to log in to OASIS, a site that allows student to register for classes and pay tuition and other student fees.

Campoe said the IT project is also meant to make the navigation through students Web sites more efficient.

“What we’re trying to do is allow students to use one Net ID and password (for all Web sites),” Campoe said. “(Those days) were to warn (students) that they need to make their password secure. We’re flipping the switch.”

Campoe said in the future, the IT staff hopes to use one Net ID and password for multiple applications across campus, in computer labs for instance.

Stephanny Reyes, a freshman majoring in biomedical science, said using one Net ID is a good thing, but there could be some problems.

“You already have to memorize your (passwords for) MySpace, your Blackboard, your parking permit, and everything else.” she said. “Although, if someone knows your password, they can hack into everything.”