Questioning This Providence

Like well-known bands Paramore and The Academy Is…, This Providence is an alternative rock group on the Fueled by Ramen Records label. The band is playing the “Let’s Make a Mess” tour after the release of their new album, Who Are You Now? The tour will stop at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg on Saturday.

David Blaise, bass player for This Providence, is a 21-year-old from Phoenix who joined the group in 2006. Blaise took a moment to speak with the Oracle before a Boston show.

The Oracle: What made you want to be a bassist?
David Blaise: I guess I decided to take it because no one else was playing it that much in school. So, me and my friends were like, “Oh, let’s start a band.” It’s the backbone of a lot of music – I wanted to be an important piece but not be showy.

O: I read you’ve been influenced by Paramore – is that true?
DB: Yeah, we toured with Paramore three times, so we’ve definitely seen how hard they work and how they work with the band. Their bass player and drummer will practice four hours before the band even starts.

Are you excited to tour the Tampa area?
DB: I am – I love Florida. I’ve been there plenty of times. It’s almost a second home, because I have plenty of friends there.

What is it about Florida?
DB: Well, I’m from Arizona. (Florida) is pretty much like Arizona, except it’s not as dry. Every time we come to Florida we usually have a day off between shows since Florida is a pretty long drive.

When we go to the beach, it’s such a break. It’s such an awesome, nice break, to be able to relax on the beach and just hang out and jump in the ocean. (We) kinda need a break from the tour – doing the same thing every day.

O: Do Tampa fans seem receptive to the music?
DB: Yeah, we’ve been playing there a lot. People get familiar with it, tell their friends about it. Every time we go, there’s a bigger crowd.

Do you hang out with the other bands in your off time?
DB: Yeah, a lot of the time we hang out at the same hotels, so we’ll have little hotel parties. We had a barbeque with The Friday Night Boys the other night.

O: Anything interesting happen at those parties?
DB: (laughs) I don’t know if I can tell you.

O: Anything?
DB: You know what, this isn’t that bad, but Chris from the Friday Night Boys put bleach in some girl’s shoes. It was kind of weird.

This Providence is on tour with Hey Monday, The Friday Night Boys, Stereo Skyline, and The Bigger Lights. Tickets to Saturday’s show are $16 at