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Decision on SG executive branch budget lingers

The Student Government 2009-10 executive branch budget, which was passed through the senate May 19, still awaits the decision of Vice President of Student Affairs Jennifer Meningall.

Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Khalid Hassouneh told the Oracle on June 17 that Meningall had until June 19 to come to a decision on the budget.

Meningall’s secretary, Ann Deen, said the deadline was June 24. Meningall was unavailable for comment.

On Monday, Deen said Meningall was in Washington, D.C. on a conference trip and had the budget with her for review. Deen said she does not know when Meningall will make a decision.

SG Executive Press Secretary Michael LeBlanc said the executive branch has not received any information regarding Meningall’s decision.

If Meningall approves the budget, it will go into effect immediately. If she vetoes the budget, it would return to the executive branch for amendment, then need to be passed through the senate again.

Yaffi Hilili