Alleged gun possibly wallet and cell phone

Univeristy Police (UP) spokeswoman Lt. Meg Ross said UP contacted a man Friday that matches the possible identity of the alleged gunman on campus Thursday.

Ross said the man in question gave a statement to UP, saying he is the person that was reported walking on campus with a gun. Due to the ongoing investigation, the suspects name cannot be released at this time.

Ross did not specify on how police got in contact with the man.

The man said he was wearing a “Go Greek” shirt that matched the description of the suspect. He said he was carrying a cell phone and wallet, but not a gun, Ross said.

Ross said the man was not taken into custody.

Kylie Blahut, a senior majoring in pre-nursing, made a 911 call on Thursday to police.

Blahut said she saw a man, who was wearing a white “Go Greek” t-shirt, while she was driving on Holly Drive toward Greek Village. She said she saw a gun in his left hand.

“I am 100 percent certain it was a gun in his hand,” Blahut told the Oracle Friday.

Ross said UP and Hillsborough County agencies received three separate phone calls from people who spotted the suspect.

A MoBull alert was sent around 4 p.m. that stated, “Police responding to report of man with gun on NE side of campus near greek village. Avoid area.”

UP arrived at the Marshall Center to brief prospective students and their parents that were attending new-student orientation on campus while the incident occurred.
Ross said UP is continuing the investigation.