Canales prepares for spring game

With the spring football game less than two weeks away, University of South Florida offensive coordinator Mike Canales got a better look at his offense when the Bulls scrimmaged Saturday.

Canales, who was promoted from USF’s passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach this year, said the offense is beginning to click in its preparation for the Green and Gold game at Raymond James Stadium on April 11.

Canales talked about the new offense, quarterback Matt Grothe and the depth of the offensive line.

The Oracle
: How has the team adjusted to the new terminology?
Mike Canales: You know, we’ve really kept it the same. We’ve just added a couple things, some tweaks here and there, but really the terminology has stayed
the same.

 O: Has Grothe been comfortable in the new offense you’ve brought?
 MC: Yeah, I think all thequarterbacks are. I think the kids feel familiar with what we’re trying to do. We’ve just implemented a couple new ideas, and the kids really like what we’re doing. That’s important to keep continuity from what we did last year and just build off of it.

O: What are you most looking for in the spring game?
MC: It’s really the whole spring. Just looking for fundamentals, being sound technically and making sure we eliminate forced penalties before the whistle, then after the whistle just playing smart football.
O: Are there certain things you’d like to see from your offense?
MC: Move the chains. Score some points. Don’t turn the ball over. We talked about that — just securing the football. I think that’s what hurt us last year. I think our biggest thing right now is to make sure we’re fundamentally sound and take care of the football.
O: After watching film of Saturday’s scrimmage, what stood out to you?
MC: We’ve got some really good players. The young kids are really developing, the young linemen are really playing right, the backs are doing some good things and the quarterbacks are really playing well. As a whole, we’re doing some really good things. We just have to build on it.
O: How much of a concern is depth at the offensive line?
MC: That’s always going to be a concern. We’ve been here playing with seven or eight guys for 14 years, so it’s not uncommon for us … to find seven or eight guys that are going to help us win, and those are the guys you play with.