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Student files battery charge over dispute

University Police (UP) passed a misdemeanor battery case to the state attorney’s office last week.

Student Kyle Digiacomo pressed battery charges against Jamie DeGerome, the video coordinator for the football team, after the two has a dispute Tuesday.

Digiacomo told ABC Action News that his tongue was cut, his shirt was ripped and the altercation caused an older back problem to resurface.

The dispute occurred outside of the Athletics building. Some of Digiacomo’s classmates were present.

UP spokeswoman Meg Ross said the case was filed Tuesday afternoon and is still under active investigation.

The state attorney’s office will receive the case so they can decide whether the charges should be enforced, Ross said.

USF spokesman Michael Hoad said Friday that he was told DeGerome was put on paid administrative leave.

“It’s a standard thing when somebody is accused of something that you put them on leave so they are not in the situation,” Hoad said. “They are not at work.”

The University is waiting until it hears from the state attorney before deciding whether to take further action, he said.

“It’s neither good nor bad in terms of determining whether or not it was his fault,” Hoad said. “It’s the kind of thing where we want to see what the state attorney does.”

The state attorney’s office said Friday that it still hadn’t received all of the paperwork.

Digiacomo and DeGerome could not be reached for comment.