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Rao retracts resignation

USF Health Vice President Dr. Abdul Rao has retracted his resignation.

Rao, who was caught on a security camera taking a student’s bike, signed a $50,000 contract with the University Wednesday, agreeing to step down from his position and leave USF.

On Friday, University spokesman Michael Hoad told the St. Petersburg Times that Rao said he felt rushed into signing the resignation letter.

“Our (the University’s) position is his employment is over,” Hoad told the Times. “And, anything different, his attorney will have to talk to our attorney.”

Rao wrote a letter to the USF administration explaining his reasons for rescinding his resignation.

“I am convinced that the outcome is not compatible with the level of the infraction and has placed my professional and personal life in serious conundrum,” Rao wrote. “I suggest that the University complete its investigation and a judgment is made which is compatible with the committed infraction.”

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