Stimulus package is a socialist package

The new spending bill is not a stimulus package but a socialist package.

It’s nothing more than a field day for lobbyists and Washington bureaucrats to enjoy American taxpayer money.

Remember the change President Barack Obama spoke of on the campaign trail? It certainly isn’t the type of change most Americans anticipated. There are still those who blindly follow Obama because they don’t have a clue what the stimulus package really entails.

Americans need to wake up and speak up about this country’s new direction and new economic policies, or Obama and the new liberal majority will establish a socialistic economic policy in this country.

Socialism does not work. Why is it that Russia, driven to an economic downfall by communism, is better off since adopting capitalism? Why is China a top economic force in the world now that it has embraced free market enterprise? It is because capitalism works and is the best economic system that exists. America will fall just like Russia if the Obama administration allows this type of radical spending to continue.

Capitalism is what made this country great. If people work, they make money. If anyone does not appreciate the ideals of capitalism in the United States, there are plenty of other countries in which they can live.

Liberals enjoy criticizing this country while enjoying its benefits. If they could sit in communist Russia and endure the problems socialism gave that country, they might open their eyes to capitalism’s advantages.

The stimulus package will herald the downfall of America’s economic status if Democrats remain in power. Hopefully, America will wake up and realize that the principled and fiscally conservative Republican Party is the one that should be leading the country.

The recent move for massive governmental control to hand out money is absurd. Of course Americans would like to help everyone attain a good life, but this goal isn’t realistic. There will always be a lower, a middle and an upper class. But the left seems intent on bringing down anyone who works hard and earns a considerable amount of money.

Who is to say that the government can choose how much people can make or what they can do with their money? Creating jobs is the way to stimulate the economy, not handing out cash like tickets at a fair. A stimulus of perhaps $400 billion might be reasonable, but to pass a bill for $787 billion is simply outrageous.

As former President George Bush once said, “in a free market, there’s going to be good times and bad times. That’s how markets work. There will be ups and downs.”

Every generation has dealt with some type of economic problem. Bush’s conservative policies weren’t flawed simply because the economy crashed in his last term. But Obama has taken advantage of this false idea to scare people who have no idea how the economy works and pass this bogus package.

America had 52 consecutive months of job growth during Bush’s presidency, according to the Wall Street Journal. This was because of Republican policies, not Democratic spending habits. Anyone who forgoes blindly blaming Bush in favor of fairness will note that the economy began to slip in 2006 — the year the Democrats took back the House and Senate.

One can only hope this country will reverse its current misguided course. The Bush presidency brought the ideals of free market capitalism back to America, but sadly, those ideals are slipping away.

In the near future, Americans will come to embrace an honest leader who truly knows what is best for them and who believes in America’s core — capitalism.