Meet the student body presidential candidates

Cano and Lane
Presidential candidate Christopher C. Cano and running mate Jaime Lane have no previous SG experience. Cano is committeeman for Precinct 227.

They want to increase transparency in SG, keep tuition from rising and make USF more green.

Leddy and Richmond
Presidential candidate Christopher Leddy and running mate Kayla Richmond have no previous SG experience. Leddy was chairman for the Honors College Student Council (HCSC) and Richmond is the HCSC secretary.

They will focus on lobbying efforts for Bright Futures and increasing USF volunteerism and communication between SG and students.

Reid and Roup
Presidential candidate Ralph Reed has been a senator for two years, while running mate Robin Roup has no SG experience but is president of Rotaract.

Their platform focuses on re-energizing how people look at SG and making the University more community-friendly.

Soltero and DI Portigliatti

Presidential candidate Juan Soltero and running mate Bruno Di Portigliatti both have SG experience. Soltero is SG Senate president, while Di Portigliatti has been in the Senate for two years.

They want to focus on progress and address all issues, “take SG to the next level” and ensure that all clubs are represented equally.