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Who is Dubeck?

Leroy Dubeck is the man USF chose to review the University’s audited budgets.

He is a physics professor at Temple University. He has also, however, written the National Education Association’s Budget Handbook for College Faculty and Staff, and co-authored College and University Budgeting: An Introduction for Faculty and Academic Administrators.

Dubeck serves as the Assistant Chess Treasurer for the U.S. Chess Trust. According to his curriculum vitae, he also spent 15 years on the Temple University Faculty Senate Budget Review Committee.

Steve Permuth, professor and vice president of USF’s Faculty Senate, said the University hired Dubeck because he was well versed in academic budgeting.

Student Government, USF’s Faculty Senate, and USF’s chapter of United Faculty of Florida brought Dubeck to USF.

Permuth presented the idea to bring Dubeck to USF at an Oct. 1 meeting of the Faculty Senate, according to the executive minutes.

At that time, Permuth said that Dubeck has also analyzed budgets for the University of Florida and Broward Community College.