Top YouTube vloggers

As much as I love YouTube, I’ll admit it takes a while to sort the good from the bad. So to save you the trouble, I’ve done it for you! These YouTube channels are my top three in the “Vlogosphere.”

Brotherhood 2.0 was started in 2007 by brothers Hank and John Green. In an effort to become more connected with each other, the brothers decided to eliminate all textual communication and speak only through phone conversation, in person and over YouTube.

John Green is the New York Times best-selling author of Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska. Hank Green is the founder and operator of, an organization devoted to environmentally friendly technology.

Though they’ve made serious bank in both of their lines of work, the Green brothers continue to update their vlog and use it to collect large charitable donations from viewers every year.

Also called What the Buck: After the Show, Peron75 is Michael Buckley’s personal blog about everything — his life as a YouTube star, his love for his four dogs, throwing up on his teacher’s shoe in third grade and more.

As he’s said himself, Buckley is an “acquired taste,” but if you can keep up with his fast-paced speech and adjust to the ever-fluctuating volume of his voice, there is much to be entertained by on his vlog.

Don’t be alarmed: “Jaaaaaaa” is not a typo. It’s the name of a talented ukulele player’s YouTube channel. Julia Nunes has been entertaining YouTube viewers since March 2006 with cover songs by artists ranging from the Beatles to Ben Folds to Destiny’s Child. She also has a repertoire of her own original works. Though Julia doesn’t update too frequently, when she does it’s usually gold.

Her new album I Wrote These is available on iTunes.