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The life and times of the Mouse

Nov. 18, 1928: Mickey Mouse debuts as a riverboat deckhand in Steamboat Willie.

Jan. 13, 1930: The Mickey Mouse comic strip premieres in the New York Mirror.

Nov. 18, 1932: Walt Disney receives an honorary Academy Award for the creation of Mickey Mouse.

Feb. 23, 1935: Mickey Mouse: The Band Concert, the first color Mickey cartoon, is released to theaters.

Nov. 13, 1940: Mickey makes his feature film debut in Fantasia.

April 18, 1953: The Simple Things is released, starring Mickey in his last film appearance until 1983.

Nov. 19, 1978: NBC celebrates Mickey’s birthday by airing an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney titled “Mickey’s 50.” He becomes the first cartoon character to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Dec. 16, 1983: Mickey returns to cartoons in an animated retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

— By Candace Kaw and Emily Handy