Letters to the Editor – 10/29/2008

Re: Breaking down the ballot
I would like to thank Coralis Aguilar, as well as the entire Oracle staff, for publishing the article “Breaking down the ballot.”

As an 18-year-old freshman, I am still growing accustomed to my newfound academic and political responsibilities. And, like many of my fellow students, my top priority so far in the semester has been my grades. Unfortunately though, my heavy course workload has left me little time to socialize, let alone stay up-to-date on the presidential race and proposed state amendments.

However, with the information presented in this article, I feel that I am better informed about the issues on which I will be voting. I found Aguilar’s summarization of each amendment to be straightforward and informative. The facts were presented in an overall unbiased manner, allowing me to form my own opinions.

I especially found the final paragraphs of each amendment explanation to be extremely helpful. Because this is my first time voting, I still find myself occasionally confused when making my voting decisions. But Aguilar’s explanation of what it will mean should I vote for or against these amendments simplified the process for me. Moreover, it saved me precious time.

And so, again, I would like to express my gratitude to you for easing the voting process and providing me with a guide to reference when I cast my first vote ever.

Jenna Withrow is a freshmen majoring in mass communications.