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Quick costumes on a college student’s budget

It’s the time of year when students ditch their Bulls gear and morph into their favorite Halloween alter egos. Choosing a Halloween costume on a college student’s budget, however, could be scarier than things that go bump in the night.

Many prepackaged costumes found in Halloween supply stores range from $29-$79, not including additional accessories. When funds are low and gas prices are high, it’s difficult to justify spending that much on a costume that’s only going to be worn once.

However, classic Halloween costumes can be easily created with a combination of items from thrift stores, Halloween supply stores and a few additions from your own wardrobe.

Thrift stores are ideal for finding unique, not to mention cheap, Halloween costumes. Shoppers can uncover clothes, accessories and props that can be used as foundations for dozens of costumes. These costumes can usually be completed with just a few classic accessories from a Halloween supply store.

Creating a personal costume will ensure that people won’t show up to a Halloween party dressed like someone else. Such costumes are creative, cheap and a lot of fun.