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Letters to the Editor – 10/13/2008

Re: Oct. 8 article “Arrests at Bulls football games skyrocket”
I think that putting someone in a holding cell for throwing a paper airplane is worthy of ridicule, but I do have a major suggestion for improving the atmosphere of the games. Follow the example of many other universities and ban alcohol sales during the game.

I attended my first USF football game Oct. 2 and I have to say that I was sorely disappointed. Not by the performance of the team (win some, lose some) but by the performance of the fans. Toward the beginning of the game, all was well and good. There was friendly conversation between fans of both teams and fans excitedly cheering.

By the end of the game, however, the drinking fans around me had become obnoxious apes, being loud and disrespectful to everyone around them. The few sober individuals I could find still seemed as friendly as ever.

At the end of the game, one USF fan nearby almost swung on an old lady who was a Pittsburgh fan over a silly remark she made. Several other fans had to restrain him to keep him from becoming violent.

When exiting the stadium, I witnessed an inebriated fan try to walk right through a police officer into a restricted area. The officer body checked him and sent him on his way, and the fan didn’t even notice. He was hardly able to walk.

I am not a prohibitionist, nor do I believe that drinking is necessarily wrong, even when underage. However, I believe that at USF football games, the atmosphere would be much more enjoyable if alcohol were not sold in the stands.

In fact, I do not plan to attend another game unless this happens — it’s not worth putting up with the fans.

Donald J. Hayward is a junior majoring in mathematics.