Baby mamas, footballers, and broken hearts

After summer blockbusters hit theaters, Hollywood starts looking toward fall — that period between hard-hitting summer flicks and Christmas when few big movies are released. For the movie-hungry, luckily, many of the talked-about movies from the past few months are being released on DVD.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the classic tale of a guy who gets dumped by the girl of his dreams for a crazy British rocker.

The three-disc DVD comes with three different versions of the film: the unrated, the original and a digital copy for computers and iPods. The unrated version of the film isn’t very different from the original. It  has an extra seven minutes, which includes the brokenhearted Peter (How I Met Your Mother’s Jason Segel) attending the same yoga class as his ex, Sarah Marshall (Veronica Mars’ Kristen Bell) and her new beau, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand).

The DVD comes at the best time, right after Brand hosted the Video Music Awards and caused a bit of a scandal by making fun of the Jonas Brothers for wearing
promise rings.

Grade: A-
Release: Sept. 30

Leatherheads is George Clooney’s second foray into directing and is set in the ’20s — when college football had hundreds of thousands of fans and the professional league had only a handful. Dodge (Clooney), the captain of a struggling profootball team, convinces star college player and war hero Carter (The Office’s John Krasinski) to join the pros.

The DVD extras are as mediocre as the movie. They include a basic making-of-the-movie featurette and dull deleted scenes that obviously didn’t need to be in the film. The only interesting extra is a three-minute clip of Clooney pulling a muddy prank on the cast the last day of shooting.

Grade: C
Release: Today

Baby Mama
Baby Mama is about a single businesswoman, Kate (30 Rock’s Tina Fey), who wants nothing more than to have a baby. When her gynecologist tells her she has a T-shaped uterus — making pregnancy next to impossible — she hires a
surrogate, Angie (Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler). The hilarious movie is sadly accompanied by only semi-hilarious extras, including the short but interesting feature “Saturday Night Live: Legacy of Laughter,” which is about the history of Poehler’s and Fey’s working relationship, as well as an alternate ending.

Grade: B
Release: Out now