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YouTube’s most wanted

Liam Sullivan’s “Shoes” is not the only video that gets mice clicking on YouTube. Here are the top five most-watched comedy videos. “Shoes” is seventh on the list.

“The Evolution of Dance” has been watched more than 98 million times since April 2006. Judson Laipply stars in the video. The act is the finale to his comedy routine, according to his official Web site, It is the second most-watched video, coming after Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” music video.

“Hahaha” has had more than 60 million views since its posting in November 2006. There’s no complicated plotline here — a baby laughs for one minute and 40 seconds. Babies, kittens and puppies are popular video subjects on the Web site.

Potter Puppet Pals in “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” is a spoof of the Harry Potter series that has been viewed more than 51 million times. Creator Neil Cicierega has a number of other Potter Puppet Pals videos, including “Wizard Angst,” “Awakening of the Incorruptible” and “School is for Losers.”

“Charlie bit my finger — again!” is another video of a baby doing what babies do and has garnered more than 50 million hits. After Charlie’s brother puts his finger in the baby’s mouth, Charlie does what any teething baby does and bites.

“Charlie the Unicorn” is the cartoon tale of a reluctant unicorn looking for Candy Mountain. Watched more than 28 million times, the video features explosions, drama, comedy and musical numbers all in under four minutes.

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