The Tampa music scene is getting stronger

At one point in time, even the Rolling Stones were just a bunch of shaggy-haired musicians playing local gigs in England, dreaming of the day they would embark on a global tour.

Every band has its roots somewhere, and in recent years having roots in Tampa has proved successful. There are dozens of acts in the Bay area and many of them thrive in Tampa’s Ybor City. The historic district has become home to a rapidly evolving and credible music scene.

However, even if class, work and life have derailed music fans at USF from keeping up with the ever-evolving music community, two up–and-coming local bands are definitely worth checking out.

Win Win Winter, the five-member indie-rock group, has been called the best band in Tampa by REAX Music Magazine. They have been regulars on the Tampa music scene since 2007 and are preparing to take that experience out on the road with their first full-length nationwide tour.

With earnest songwriting, passionate vocals and sharp, dynamic instrumentals, the band has managed to get much-deserved attention in the media. The band has been praised by national publications such as Billboard and the acclaimed music magazine,  Performer.

Stops on its upcoming tour include North Carolina, New York City and Tennessee, but the band said it will always call Tampa home.

“We are ecstatic to be heading out on our first national tour. It doesn’t even feel real,” said drummer Matt Bennett.  “We will always love to play in Tampa no matter what lies in our future — there are so many great bands here.”

One of those great bands is a group that local fans may have seen on a bill with Win Win Winter: power-pop rockers Tres Bien.

Tres Bien is a masterfully crafted blend of power-pop, soul and garage rock that has already gained recognition in national media such as Entertainment Weekly. The band’s stage presence is comparable to ’60s-style British-invasion rock, as lead singer Mike Bostinto exudes copious amounts of energy while performing. Tres Bien’s sound is influenced by classic, genre-defying bands such as The Kinks and The Who.

As humble as they are talented, Tres Bien’s members support all kinds of other local music.

“Tampa doesn’t get enough play in the grand music scheme, but there is a lot of great talent here,” said drummer and vocalist Ryan Metcalf. “If you can think of a genre, there is a band playing it down here. We’re hoping people start noticing Tampa more often soon, and I think it’s going in that direction.”

These two bands are just a sample of the many great aspiring musicians in Tampa. Stroll down Ybor City just about any night of the week and there will be live, local music somewhere. From rock and reggae to metal and punk, there are a plethora of acts working to turn Tampa into a credible music community.

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