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IN BRIEF: USF St. Petersburg needs to keep better records

USF St. Petersburg has received answers as to why they were placed on probation more than two weeks ago.

The Southern Association of Colleges (SACS) placed USF St. Petersburg on probation for failing to meet two compliance standards out of 89.

One of the standards not met required the University to show evidence of how students achieve general education requirements. The other unmet standard required the university to monitor students’ success after graduation.

In past communications between USF St. Petersburg and SACS, the university had been told where it faltered but had not what actions were necessary to correct the problem.

In a follow-up letter sent to Regional Chancellor Karen White, SACS requested that the university keep better records of the actions they’re taking to comply with the standards.

“We do all the things they list,” White said. “But what they want to see is how we take that information and come back to the curriculum and try to make it better.”

White said that the faculty is having daylong seminars to get up to speed.

“We’re going to make an all-out effort to demonstrate that we deserve (accreditation),” she said.

While on probation, the university maintains accreditation. The university has 12 months to comply with the standards. Universities can be on probation for up to two years before being stripped of accreditation.

– Cynthia Roldan