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IN BRIEF: Terrorism case sentencing set

The sentencing hearing for a former USF engineering student who pleaded guilty to aiding terrorists has been scheduled.

Ahmed Mohamed, 26, pleaded guilty to federal charges of providing material to support terrorists June 13. U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday will have the hearing on Sept. 22.

The material was a video that showed how to turn a remote control toy car into a detonator. The video was found on Mohamed’s laptop when he was arrested in South Carolina with Youssef Megahed, another USF student. They were pulled over for speeding and were arrested when explosive devices were found in their trunk.

Mohamed faces 15 years in prison. His agreement to plead guilty saved him from a possible life sentence.

Mohamed has been in jail since his Aug. 4 arrest. Megahed is under house arrest.

Megahed is awaiting trial for carrying explosives but has not been charged with aiding terrorists.

-Candace Kaw