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Fernandez to remain at USF; no offer from UNLV

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is still trying to name its new women’s basketball coach, but it will not be South Florida women’s basketball coach Jose Fernandez.

Fernandez – who is 116-123 in eight seasons at USF – was one of six candidates to have an on-campus interview with UNLV.

Fernandez was flattered to be interviewed by a program nearly 2,400 miles from Tampa.

“It means a lot when other programs take notice of what you’re doing, especially when that program is across the country,” Fernandez said. “It is really a testament to all of the players and coaches that have been with me through the years.”

Though he was not offered the UNLV job, Fernandez said he believes that his team will understand his interview with another school.

“It’s part of this business,” Fernandez said. “Everybody knows that things like this happen in this profession. The UNLV job was something I was asked to look into, and UNLV did a first-class job throughout the entire interview process.”

Now that the interview process is over, Fernandez has gotten back to work with USF.

“We have seven players coming back from last season, and they are all players that have given us a lot of minutes,” Fernandez said. “We are also looking to sign three or four new players in the upcoming weeks.”

With two seasons remaining on his contract, Fernandez is still excited to call Tampa home.

“I’m a Florida native, and I’ve been coaching (at USF) for eight years,” Fernandez said. “I love it here, I love coaching in the Big East, and I love coaching at USF.”