Dating game offers love and charity

More than 45 students participated in a dating game hosted by Progressive Black Men, Inc. (PBM) at USF on Thursday.

The event, held in the Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza, matched students based on a question and answer session, a dance competition, freestyle poetry and an elimination round based on personal characteristics.

Contestants were asked questions such as: “If it were Valentine’s Day and the only thing open was the gas station, what would you buy me and why?”

In addition to the 45 contestants who signed up in advance, many volunteers from the audience participated as well.

Richard Brown, chairman of projects and programs for PBM, helped plan the event.

“We just wanted to have an event where everyone could enjoy themselves a little before final exams started,” he said.

PBM President Solomon Oli hoped the event would help foster a sense of community at the University.

“So many people come and go on this campus. I just want to get people involved,” Oli said.

Alberto Damour, a freshman majoring in international business, was approached by PBM to participate in the show.

“I wanted to get involved in something on campus, and not knowing much about the show added to the appeal of participating,” he said.

In addition to helping students unwind, the event provided an opportunity for participants and audience members to sign up for a volunteer project hosted by PBM.

Oli said the project involved rebuilding the home of a victim of Hurricane Katrina.

“We’re looking for volunteers to come out and volunteer for 16 Saturdays to help rebuild this woman’s home,” he said.

Oli said PBM hopes to make the dating game an annual event.