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Letters to the Editor

Re: Editorial, March 5As a woman who competes in beauty pageants, and is very excited at the prospect of a Miss USF competition, I am deeply offended that you would regard pageantry – what I have dedicated my young adult life to – “no better than a wet T-shirt contest.”

What I found even more disturbing was the statement that being judged on looks is no merit for being awarded a scholarship. We are not judged on looks alone, and had the author any experience with pageantry, he or she would have avoided such an ignorant statement.

Did the author realize that women who compete in pageants have platforms? That many of us give back to our communities by volunteering? I know that I gave more than 200 hours in 2007, and it was due to pageants.

When I wear my crown, people look at me different – I did something to earn that title, and by saying what I do is no better than a livestock exhibit is disgusting. I stand for advocating and enforcing rights for the disabled, commit myself to a better education and a high GPA, take pride in my talent of playing the flute and do not feel bad that I am fit and healthy – I shouldn’t!

I, along with my fellow contestants, should be commended when obesity is such a problem. We are trying to set positive examples.

Although I cannot say that being judged by the author of the article is wrong, as we put ourselves in the position to be judged via the concept of a pageant, I can say that those who judge us are qualified. The former Miss USA Tara Connor was, of course, deplorable for her drug and alcohol use; However, if you lump all women who compete in pageants into the same category you are no better than the next man (or woman) who perpetuates stereotypes – and for that you should be ashamed. If you do not want commit student A&S fees, that is, of course, fine – but do not take away the right of private donors to reward well-rounded, talented women.

As the Oracle believes “Miss Florida and Miss America are antiquated institutions” and are “boring vestiges of America’s sexist past” I invite you, my fellow students, to come, watch and form your own opinions. I can promise you I will be there breaking through all the stereotypes.

Megan Morin is a junior majoring in communication and is Former Miss City Beautiful USA 2006.