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Candidates debate leadership

Student body presidential hopefuls faced off again Thursday for the second debate of the election season. One question that stood out, however, concerned the vice presidents and what qualities they have to serve as president, should the situation arise.

Justin Bragan said his running mate, Jonathan Dawson, is an eloquent speaker.

“I have no insecurities of him becoming president, if he did,” Bragan said.

Nathan Davison said Cordell Chavis, his running mate, gets people motivated and is very connected with various people on campus.

“I would feel great comfort if Cordell took over as president,” Davison said.

Justin Hall said that his running mate, LaNard Taylor, works well with all kinds of students and that he is very knowledgeable about USF.

“If you haven’t met LaNard Taylor, you need to meet him,” Hall said.

Ryan Iacovacci said his running mate, Sriram Madhusoodanan, understands the importance of being active and giving to the community.

“Sriram understands service,” Iacovacci said.

Gregory “Butters” Morgan said his running mate, Thomas King Jr., works well with student organizations and that he would be able to interpret budget cuts.

“We’re both qualified to be president. We’re a force for positive change,” Morgan said.

Nicole Randazzo said her running mate, Ruth Damys, is a hard worker and has already proven herself as a leader in many student organizations.

“She has all the qualities anyone would want in a student body president,” Randazzo said.

The debate was sponsored by the Black Student Union. The next debate is scheduled for Feb. 20 and is sponsored by WBUL. The voting period is Feb. 26-27 at