Reunited – and it feels so good

The past 12 months of music have no doubt become the year of the comebacks, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. According to, reunited classic acts have ruled ticket sales and albums by familiar bands have topped the charts.

From the reunions of bands like The Police and Van Halen to the long-awaited LPs of Radiohead and the White Stripes, the past year in music was a paragon for music lovers, and the road ahead is even more promising – Led Zeppelin reunion, anyone?

The year of the comebacks has been a breath of fresh air in a music industry that’s been in serious need of renovation. For years, hip-hop, pop and rap have ruled the scene and true talent has been a rarity. In 2007, fans rejoiced with the reunions of The Police, Rage Against the Machine, Van Halen, Genesis, Bad Religion and Led Zeppelin. All of these bands played at least one reunion show and most have fully returned to touring action.

If that’s not exciting enough, bands such as Radiohead and the White Stripes dropped miraculous bombs on the industry with the release of their long-awaited albums. The White Stripes’ latest release, Icky Thump, has been called the album that will save rock ‘n’ roll. After a considerably long hiatus, Jack and Meg White have again graced us with their musical genius, and it is not unholy to say that this album will save rock ‘n’ roll – it’s that good.

If Icky Thump is not enough to save a meandering music industry, then the latest release by Radiohead, In Rainbows, certainly is. After a four-year hiatus, the boys of Radiohead are back at it, and the album is nothing short of great. Not only did the band put out an amazing album, its members actually let their loving fans chose the price they wanted to pay for it on the Web. It was a bold but respectable move and it certainly makes a statement about Radiohead’s motives as a band – to make incredible and accessible music, not to “get rich or die trying.” According to, the average price fans paid for the album was around $6, without a doubt the best album you will find at this price.

When complete reunions were not in effect, partial reunions came in at a close second. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd went on tour and sold out arenas around the world with his performance of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Old hippies and youngsters alike rejoiced at the chance to see the Dark Side of the Moon set.

Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band jumped on the comeback bandwagon as well with its latest release, Magic. This album is considered one of the best albums of the year and Rolling Stone Magazine placed it second on its Best of 2007 list.

The year of the comebacks could be credited to a number of factors: pure disappointment with the meandering music industry over the past few years, a dire need for good music or possibly an effort to get rich. Whatever the reason may be, the past year in music has been a gem in a floundering industry.

The holy grail of reunions came in December when legendary Led Zeppelin played a reunion show in London. It is rumored that the band will soon venture out on a world tour. When asked what’s next for the band after the gig, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin told Rolling Stone Magazine, “it could be fun to do more stuff.”

The past year has proved that rock ‘n’ roll is certainly not dead. So look out, Britney Spears and Hannah Montana – your time is up. It is time to let the real musicians shine.